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TSL Escha – for public transportation

TSL ESCHA is a pioneer in the development, manufacture, and distribution of door opening buttons for road and railway vehicles. Patented buttons for indoors and outdoors, millionfold reliable switching in harsh operating conditions, prompt fulfillment of customer requirements








TSL Escha is a strong company group that offers you breakthrough electronic technology, precise mechanical development, top-quality production, and high IP-rated connectivity. We are constantly investing in new equipment and corporate training programs; therefore, our development, production, sales, and service work force are able to offer top of the line products. TSL application engineers are trained to achieve any requirements that come from you, our customer.




Pārnēsājamie datu logeri Comet U-series













0GSM datu logeris ir paredzēts temperatūras un mitruma mērīšanai, pulsu skaitīšanai un slēdža stāvokļa detektēšanai un šo visu datu ierakstīšanai un sūtīšanai uz datubāzi.Gadījumā, ja tiek pārsniegti iestatītie limiti, iekārta sūta SMS uz iepriekš definētu telefona nr. vai sūta e-pastu, kā arī iespējams nosūtīt .JSON datu paketi izmantojot GPRS.

Datu ierakstīšana notiek iebūvētā elektroniskajā atmiņā un tos ir arī iespējams lejupielādēt izmantojot datoru un USB-C kabeli.

Iespējams saglabāt 500 000 vērtības ar vienreizēju ierakstīšanas režīmu un 350 000 vērtības ar pārrakstīšanas režīmu.

Katrai iekārtai ir iekļauts izsekojams kalibrācijas sertifikāts ar deklarētu metroloģisko izsekojamību etaloniem un ir balstīts uz EN ISO/IEC 17025 standartiem.
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Will Sensors has moved to new address

From 26.03.2018. WILL SENSORS changed office address: Dzelzavas street 127, Riga.



Ultrasonic level measuring


For continuous non-contact level measurement of liquids and bulk-solid materials

Main advantages:

  • Outstanding contrast OLED display
  • Quick view measured values on the display
  • Advanced intelligent signal processing
  • Mapping of false reflections
  • Easy adjustment without measured material
  • Current output (4 … 20 mA), HART®, RS-485 Modbus/RTU
  • Xi version for usage in explosive areas

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Optiskās šķiedras tehnoloģija

Optisko šķiedru izmanto gaismas enerģijas pārraidīšanai lielos attālumos. Tāpat kā fotoelektriskie sensori, arī optiskā šķiedra tiek izmantota, lai pārraidītu un/vai  saņemtu LED izstarotu gaismas signālu.


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Versatile LED Indicator Lights

Banner Engineering introduces the new versatile LED indicator series K30L2 and K50L2 with seven colors in each device.





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The new DAC series allows accurate recording of measured values in extreme situations, such as pressure spikes or pressure surges, pressure gradients during explosions or combustions, e.g. in the case of ballistic measurements or the ignition of internal combustion engines.

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Real time and local data monitoring and control

User friendly – web displays&controllers&loggers for industrial sensor readings:

1 – data real-time and historical readings from local display or web;
2 – alerts in local device or email, sms;
3 – inter-channel mathematical formulas (difference, average, sum, larger, smaller than);
4 – models for wireless sensors
5 – inner memory, additional memory card.








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How to Use an Infrared Photoelectric Sensor for Water-Based Liquid Detection

One of the most difficult photoelectric applications involves sensing the presence or absence of clear fluids in clear bottles. Online weighing systems, low-contrast sensors and ultrasonic sensors are some methods used to detect water fill level but these methods are expensive, or not always very reliable. Learn more about how Banner’s QS30 H2O photoelectric sensor uses a unique optical property of water to reliably detect the presence or absence of water.


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