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LED tower lights

Led gaismas tornis

Preassembled and preconfigured multi-segment LED tower light indicators replace conventional stack lights, which often require time-consuming assembly and complex wiring. Various tower light models result in customized solutions, including a choice of ac or dc supply power, three audible output options, standard or high light intensities and quick-disconnect or pre-wired options.
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LED Tower Lights

LED tower lights

Banner offers LED tower lights with audible alarm, displays up to 7 colors in a single tower, compact, sleek, rugged design with IP 50 un IP 67 models available. LED clearly evident ON/OFF status. LED lights towers visible from all sides. Instal quickly and easily with no assembly required.

Banner offers 2 kind of LED tower lights:
General Purpose Tower Light


"Daylight" LED tower lights highly visible indication for indoor or outdoor applications. Compact, stylish design with rotating and flashing options. Audible alert.


LED tower lights up to 3 color in 1 device.


Laser marking available

Column Lights CL50GRYPQ

LED display tower light LED tower light
Individually controllable
Mechanical screw-in thread M30x1.5, IP67 Male M12 x 1
Operating voltage 10 - 30 VDC
Multicolor: Green (COL 1) / Red (COL 2) / Yellow (COL 3)
Data sheet
Ident.nr. 3010017