New generation pushbuttons

New generation multicolor pushbuttons K30, K50 un K70 Gen 2 and S22 (22mm size)  – wash under pressure, use with chemicals!
Banner’s illuminated touch buttons offer IP67, IP69k, and ECOLAB ratings in an FDA-rated construction suited for the harshest high-pressure washdown environments
Ergonomic design requires no physical pressure to actuate, easing operation and preventing stress on hands and wrist from repetitive use
Specially designed algorithms allow touch buttons to work with bare or gloved hands easily actuated by finger, hand or full palm while ignoring water and debris buildup













UWT līmeņa kontroles risinājumu biblotēka

Līmeņa kontroles eksperts ir radījis datubāzi, kura atvieglo risinājumu meklēšanu. Šī ir reālu, strādājošu senoru atsauce no gala lietotājiem visā pasaule. Meklētājā iespējami dažādi filtri, lai ērtāk un precīzāk varētu atrast savu risinājumu.



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Temperatūras kontrole

Tuvojoties aukstajam laikam, WILL SENSORS iesaka laicīgi parūpēties par precīzu temperatūras kontroli vai arī atjaunot un uzlabot esošo sistēmu. Šim uzdevumam jums būs nepieciešams temperatūras sensors un kontrolieris ar displeju.


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Level switches and visualisation software

When harvesting time is closing up, it’s necessary to get electromechanical systems in perfect condition and install emergency level switches in plants and grain elevators, so all attention can be focused on the goods reception and storage of cereals.

Manufacturer UWT GmbH- expert in bulk good detection and offers level switches and interface measuring devices for all cereals. Great adviser in sensor choice is UWT 40 years experience and thousands of real examples of plants!


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EZ-LIGHT touch buttons IP69K

Banner is the leader in ergonomic, visual and sealed operator touch buttons for industrial applications. Since Banner Touch Buttons can have multiple colors and I/O capabilities, they can replace several conventional buttons, making them ideal in lean manufacturing environments.

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Temperature measuring sensors for extreme environments

SKS Sensors® temperature measuring sensors for extreme environments! High temperature solutions, with guaranteed stability. For extremely low temperatures, without compromising accuracy. To meet hygienic design requirements, well suitable for all cleaning processes. Designed to fit customers’ requirements and compliances. Check out our website


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Clear Glass Jar Detection for Food and Beverage Splash Zone

The food and beverage industry is continually challenged to maintain high quality products while ensuring consumer safety. To eliminate bacteria and the risk of food borne illness, equipment used to fill salsa jars must be washed down using pressurized water, high temperature fluids and aggressive chemicals. Upholding efficient manufacturing processes can be difficult with these stringent washdown and cleaning requirements.

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Exact height positioning with Turck linear inductive position sensors

Safety, reliability and accuracy is the most important conditions not just in manufacturing, but also sports and leisure equipment – for example: gondola, carousel, etc.

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Vehicles moving detection

For an efficient flow of products in and out of a truck, it is important that operators are immediately notified of a truck’s arrival. In order to accurately detect the presence of vehicles at a loading dock, a reliable sensor is needed to withstand extreme weather conditions.

When a vehicle moves into position at a loading dock, the R-GAGE QT50R Radar Sensor senses the vehicle and sends a signal to workers inside the warehouse for loading and unloading. The radar sensor can sense trucks up to 15 meters away, for quick and easy detection to alert operators. Status monitoring with the R-Gage sensor is simple with highly bright, visible LED indicators.

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