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RFnivo® 3100 Anti-corrosive coating – a durable solution for flue gas cleaning

The demand on level sensors within power plants is very high as the sensors often have to deal with aggressive media such as sulphur oxides, heavy metals or acids. Where level limit switches are employed for dust detection in flue gas cleaning, these sensors have to be very resistant in order to offer sufficient longevity of the devices. Very often the maintenance costs or replacement frequency of the sensors are very high because the quality of the sensors does not meet the requirements. Thus they can often have only a short lifetime and a high failure rate. This is of particular relevance when carrying out measurement tasks within flue gas cleaning applications, and also within biomass or peat plants.


The new RFnivo® 3100 with PFA fully coated probe extension:

  • Premium, fully anti-corrosive coating
  • High sensitivity to detect dusty material
  • In contact with process extension resistant to all aggressive material
  • Extension with Teflon® coating to protect against corrosion, caking and abrasion
  • High process temperatures
  • Process overpressure up to 25bar

In addition, you can benefit from all the standard advantages of the RFnivo® 3100:

  • Automatic calibration
  • Bulk solids from DC value 1.5
  • Automatic self-diagnosis
  • “Active Shield“ technology
  • User-friendly display


  • Resolution from 0.5 μF
  • If material buildup happens, it does not influence sensor function!

Product flyer here

Full product information here

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