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New MTS Sensors electronic product catalog enables download of intelligent 3D CAD sensor models

The new MTS Sensors electronic product catalog, which has a number of features that engineers and buyers will find useful, is now available worldwide. A wide range of search and comparison functions are at disposal for the users. 3D-models and PDF-data sheets can be generated and downloaded immediately.

All MTS Sensors position sensors and liquid level devices can be downloaded as native data in one of more than 100 CAD system file formats. The data can also be integrated in the customer’s purchasing process.


The benefits:
•  Search and comparison functions:
–  2D sketching search
–  Geometric search (GEOsearch)
–  Full text search
•  PDF files with 2D/3D technical drawings and proprieties of the configured sensor
•  Direct link to the technical data sheet
•  Time and cost savings
•  More convenient, less mistakes

•  Under the button “3D-Models” on the MTS Sensors website: www.mtssensors.com
•  Through the CADENAS’s Strategic Part Management system
•  Through the CADENAS’s PARTcommunity portal
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