RD4 direct Position and Velocity output

The Temposonics RD4 position sensor provides an added degree of flexibility compared to the standard R-Series rod style sensor package. The  RD4  design  utilizes  a  separate  electronics  housing  and  interconnection  cable  to  allow  installation  of  the  sensor  rod  into  small  spaces. By relocating the electronics, the head of the sensor rod is reduced to its minimal size.  This makes the RD4 ideal for use with clevis mount cylinders or any space limited cylinder application.  Also, the RD4 sensor can be used for applications that require remote mounting of the sensor electronics due to environmental factors, such as, high temperatures or high levels of shock and vibration.

Analog     25 – 5000     16 Bit, 1 µm     –
SSI     25 – 5000     0,5 µm     –
CANbus     25 – 5000     2 µm     max. 20 Positions
Profibus-DP     25 – 5000     1 µm     max. 30 Positions
EtherCAT     25 – 5000     1 µm     max. 20 Positions