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Mounting accessories


Every manufacturer for sensor, device offers the most suitable mounting type. To use items at every place, to make the right installation, to get the best protection.

Accessories for photoelectric sensors are wide range of reflectors, fibre optics, brackets, lasers, etc.
Accessories for rotary, linear sensors includes couplings, magnets, fittings, etc.
Accessories for process sensors inculdes mounting plates, welding adapters, compressing threads, reducers, thermowells, caps.

Fibre optic

Fiber optic systems are typically used in harsh conditions, including high vibration, extreme heat, and noisy, wet, corrosive or explosive environments. Fibers are also used in confined areas since many models can be bent to fit precisely where needed.

Glass fibers are mostly used in challenging environments, such as applications with high temperatures, corrosive materials or moisture. Plastic fibers are typically used for more general purpose applications where they can tolerate extreme bending and be cut to length to fit in limited space setups.

Banner Engineering offers a wide range of fiber optics and compatible fiber optic amplifiers.


Retroreflective Target Reflectors
Banner Engineering's acrylic reflective targets come in different shapes and sizes, such as square or rectangular, and with single hole, dual hole, or adhesive backing mounting styles.

Retroreflective Tape Reflectors
Banner makes different forms of reflective tape for use with retroreflective photoelectric sensors. Reflective tape has adhesive backing for easy application, comes in a variety of lengths and widths, and is available in both sheets and rolls.

Reference targets are non-traditional retro-reflective targets made to be used with retro-reflective sensors (the Q4X, LG5, and LG10). They are intended to provide a consistent and reliable background surface for sensors to learn during the teach process.

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