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LED iIndustrial lighting


Banner’s industrial LED lighting offers high-quality, energy-efficient products that provide bright illumination for up to 50,000 hours. Robust, vibration-resistant housings and sleek designs make Banner’s LED lighting ideal for a wide range of industrial and mobile applications, including machine lighting, enclosure lighting, visual inspection illumination and work cell lighting.
Ineractive LED technology catalogue – new edition!

Industrial and Factory Automation LED Lighting

Banner's offer several kind of Industrial lighting

1. WLB32 LED Light Bar - Banner’s WLB32 is an ultra-bright LED fixture that features an even light output to eliminate glare.
Available in 285 mm, 570 mm, 850 mm or 1130 mm.
High/Low/Off switch allows users to customize light levels.


2. Heavy-Duty LED Light - Designed to operate in harsh environments, the WLC90 can withstand high pressure washdown and exposure to coolants and detergents.
Oil, chemical and water resistant with IP67, IP68g and IP69K ratings.
Operating temperature -40/+70C'. Available in garumi: 340 mm un 640 mm.

Heavy-Duty Machine Lights in CNC Washdown Environment


Work light Window material
Polycarbonate M12 x 1 connector Monochrome: cold white, IP67 / IP69K,
Four different light intensities (33 %, 50 %, 66% and 100 %)
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