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Capacitive sensors


Capacitive sensors work contactless, reactionless and wear-free. They are highly sensitive and designed for contactless and wear-free detection of electrically conductive as well as non-conductive objects. They also capture filling levels of liquids or bulk goods. In addition to positioning measurement, the sensors are also deployed for control of overflow and leakage as well as run-dry protection of pumps

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Capacitive sensors SIL2

SIL 2 (safety integrity level 2)  sensors are suitable for safety systems with reliable detection of objects.
These sensors have NAMUR output, fine potentiometer.

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Teach-in capacitive sensors

Turck is presenting the next generation of its capacitive sensors, the BCT series, which are primarily used for level measurement. Instead of using a potentiometer as before, the sensors can be taught for the relevant medium via a teach button. The BCT here automatically defines the switchpoint so that any deposits on the tank wall or contamination of the sensor cap does not cause any incorrect switching. A logical testing of the selected setting also prevents programming errors with difficult to detect media.
Turck offers the BCT series as a universal NO/NC contact in a cylindrical design as an M18 and M30 variant. This not only enables users to effectively reduce the number of device variants that have to be kept in stock but also to implement fail-safe underfill and overfill protection of tanks with a single sensor type. The output behavior can also be set via a pushbutton. All versions are available with a PNP or NPN output. For applications that require protection against the unauthorized sensor adjustment, or in which the sensor can no longer be reached after mounting, a variant is also available with a teach output that can also be taught just as easily with a teach adapter as the pushbutton models.

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Capacitive sensors BC10 M30x1

Compact design, robust mounting and good visibility of the indicator lights are preconditions for trouble-free installation and operation of capacitive fill level sensors. Thanks to the thickness of only 5, 5 mm the sensor QF5, 5 fits in almost any mounting situation and the metal threaded bushes provide lasting support. Supply voltage and switching state are indicated by two highly visible LEDs. The sensitivity of the sensor is adjustable, but special versions with fixed settings are also available on request. The capacitive sensor QF5, 5 is excellent for detecting liquids in thin tubes. It can then be attached via the four slotted holes.

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High-frequency level sensors

Level sensor with elimination of rests or foam on the electrode

Designed for reliable limit level sensing of wide-range of fluids (electrically conductive or non-conductive), mashed and paste-like materials
Resistant to adhesion of viscous and sticky media (ketchup, yoghurt, spreads, syrups, creams, pastes, cleaning agents, alkalis, etc.)
Replacement of vibration level sensors
Unique function for media recognition "Medium window" (sensor is sensitive only to set medium and does not react to substances with a lower or higher permittivity)
Direct mounting into tanks, vessels, sumps, pipes or funnels and containers
Settings by the magnetic pen
Xi version for usage in explosive area, or XiM version for mining environments with a risk of hazard by methane or coal dust

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Capacitive level switch Capanivo

The Capanivo® level limit switch can be used in many solids and liquids as a full, demand or empty detector.
The robust, glass reinforced PPS (Polyphenylene Sulfide) sensor  is even suitable for food applications whilst also resistant to many forms of aggressive material. The Capanivo® can be used in storage and process vessels, or in pipes, as a limit switch and spillage detector.
The electrodes in the sensor make up a condensator. As the level of the material changes, the capacitance changes as well. The integrated electronics evaluate the change in capacity and convert it to a switching signal.
The Capanivo® has approvals for hazardous Locations (Dest Ex) and is therefore suitable for use in most industries as a limit switch.

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Capacitive sensors IO-link

The intelligent interface makes the proximity switch a universal sensor that can be parameterized to suit over 100,000 individual requirements. For example, the two separately adjustable switching distances (each either NC or NO, as well as PNP or NPN) enable early warning functions to be set for targets subject to wear. The user can thus take action already before a failure occurs. Various timer functions can also be set, for example an off-delay for speed monitoring. These options are already possible in I/O mode, in which the sensor can be operated on a conventional digital input.