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Measuring sensors

  • Measuring sensors can actively check distances, position system parts and monitor other parameters in order to intelligently and independently initiate actions and, e.g., intervene in processes for control purposes. Here, you will find a large selection of technologies and designs for as efficient and fault-free system operation as possible. We offer BANNER ENGINEERING and LEUZE ELECTRONIC measuring sensors.
  • Using an array of closely spaced light beams, measuring light screens are designed for profiling, inspections and process monitoring. More here
  • Light section sensors measure height profiles along a projected laser line. With these sensors, objects with high resolution can be detected quickly and reliably in 3D. Depending on the model, the function range extends from simply presence monitoring to edge measurement to 3D measurement of objects.
  • Laser scanners detect their environment using a quickly-rotating laser measurement beam. This allows objects to be detected over large distances with very large viewing angles and also enables contours to be measured.

Our local stock for measuring sensors see below

Laser distance sensor Q4XTILAF300-Q8

Range 25-300mm, preciz. 0,6mm, 4-20mA (available models with 0-10V), IP67/69K, ECOLAB, more information

Line profile sensor LPS36

Contour measurement, Object measurement, LxSsoft configuration software, X ass=150-600mm, z ass= 200-800mm, resolution 1-1.5mm, PNP output, Ethernet interface. Tehn.info

Sensor for positioning AMS 304i 40

sn=200-40 000mm, preciz. 2mm, Profibus DP. Tehn.info

Distance sensor ODSL 8/C66-500-S12

High accuracy sensor, sn=20-500mm, acc. 0.1-0.5mm, spot 2x6mm, output 4-20mA +2xPNP, M12 male. Tehn.info

Measuring light curtains EA5R450

EA5R450PIXMODQ ident.nr. 3077529, receiver. H=450mm, L=max 4m, resol. 5mm, 4-20mA, RS485, PNP output, M12. Tehn.info
EA5E450Q  ident.nr. 3075425, emitter. H=450mm, L=max 4m, resol. 5mm, M12. Tehn.info