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Flow sensors

Flow sensors are applied in automated manufacturing to detect deviating flow speeds of gases and liquids quickly and reliably.They are not applied to perform precise and costly measurements but to monitor limit values and flow patterns. High repeatability is the most important feature required in this context.Typical tasks are the monitoring of coolant circuits, run-dry protection of pumps or flow control of exhaust air ducts and air conditioning systems.TURCK flow sensors are available as compact devices with integrated or separate signal processor.

FLS F6.60 Flow Magmeter

No moving parts, no wear, maintenance free
High mechanical resistance
Accurate measurement of dirty liquids
Pipe size range: from DN15 (0,5”) to DN600 (24”)
Flow Rate Range adjustable from 0.05 to 8 m/s (0.15 to 25 ft/s)
Low pressure drop
User Settable Operating Parameters
4-20 mA, frequency or volumetric pulse output
Bi-directional flow measurement selectable
Special versions for salt-water applications (high concentrations of chlorides like sea water) and for high temperature conditions

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F3.00.H01 Paddlewheel Flow Sensor

Paddlewheel sensor
Perfect for all fluids with no particles into it
Range 0.15 m/s up to 8.0 m/s
Hall, 5-24Vdc,push-pull output
IP68, 8m meter cable

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Flow sensor for liquid media
Calorimetric principle
Adjustment via potentiometer
LED band
3‐wire DC, 21-26 VDC
NO contact, PNP output
Plug-in device, M12 x 1

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