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Level sensors for bulk solids


UWT –  Level measurement instruments in standard or extreme working conditions. Ingeniously simple level measurement in bulk solids.

Point level detection, hanging, for solids in silos

CleverLevel LBFS hanging

All wetted parts in Stainless Steel
„„Measures media with DK-value > 1.5
„„ATEX approved for dust

Rotating paddle sensors series SOLIDO500

See Solido Instruction Manual

Available from stock:

230Vac, ATEX, 150mm shaft, 1 1/2G, AL head IP66

24Vdc, ATEX, 150mm shaft, 1 1/2G, AL head IP66

SOLIDO 001 Pendulum shaft (+850mm)
SOLIDO 008 Rope extension (+1850mm)

Lot system Nivobob®4000

Nivobob®4000 is used in dry and unproblematic bulk goods. It is particulary suitable for the building, animal feed and grain industry.

Nivobob®4000 series full catalogue

Alu, IP 66, temperature range -40ºC/+80ºC, P=0.8 bar, 4-20mA, max 15m, 24 Vdc, flange DN100

Level limit switch series Vibranivo® VN 4000

Vibrating forks Vibranivo® VN 4000 are universal to use, and can be used where rotating parts are not allowed. Can work with powders and very light material.k


Level switch with switchable sensitivity 30g/l and 150g/l.

Process temperature -40...+150oC

Ambient temperature -40...60oC

Process pressure -1...16Bar

Thread material 1.4581, SS 316

Extension material 1.4541, SS 321

Lenght of extension L=170mm

M20x1,5 cable gland

Housing Aluminium IP67

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Capacitive level switch Capanivo®4000

Capanivo®4000 is certified for all powdery and granular solids with good flow characteristics.

Capanivo®4000 web page

PA6, IP 66, temp. -40º C/+120ºC, P=-1/+16 bar, supply 21-230VAC/21-45VDC, DPDT, G1, L=155mm

RFnivo® Capacitive Limit Switch

The RFnivo® level limit switch is universally applicable in solids and liquids as a full, demand or empty detector in silos and containers. The different device versions withstand extreme process conditions and due to their stainless steel components, are very robust.

The RFnivo® measures the capacitance between the probe and container wall.  If the probe is covered by the product, the measured capacitance changes and a switching signal is activated.

RFnivo® 3000 series catalogue


DPTD relay, Electric supply 220VAC, mechanical thread G1 1/2, process temperature up to +240°C

Level Paddle Switch RN4000

Favourably priced model with plastic housing, designed for use in bulk materials with lower mechanical load. Insensitive to dust, electrical charge and adhesion.

Rotonivo® RN 4000 catalogue

IP 66, temp. -40ºC/+80ºC, P=-0.5/+0.8bar, 24-230Vac/dc, electronic relay output

FG400087 Hinged vane double sided
POS39 Rope extensions