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Pressure transmitters


Pressure transmitters from BD SENSORS s.r.o.
For vacuum, overpressure and absolute pressure measurement
Pressure ranges: 0 – 10 mbar to 0 – 6000 bar
Based on different sensor technologies, combined with housing materials of stainless steel
and various plastics,the industrial transmitters are suitable for almost all
industrial gases and fluids.
Our industrial pressure transmitter may be adapted to almost any application due to a
variety of electrical and mechanical connections.

PS+ pressure sensors

New pressure sensors of the PS+ Series has already been awarded at the product start with the iF Design Award.
Overhead mounting are just as possible as the rotation of the sensor head in a range of 340°. After the sensor is connected, it automatically registers whether the controller or the bus module requires a PNP or NPN, current or voltage signal. A compatibility mode is also provided for the integration in IO-Link systems.

The hermetically sealed keypad ensures greater resistance to dirt and liquids, so that the sensors meet the requirements of ISO protection to IP6K7K, IP6K7 and IP6K9K. The PS+ Series is designed for pressure ranges up to 600 bar and is available with proven ceramic measuring cells (PS310) and also metal measuring cells (PS510). The latter devices come with an overpressure resistance of up to seven times the nominal pressure. The sensors can optionally be fitted with peak pressure restrictors. 

18.601G series low pressure

Pressure Transmitter
4x overpressure
from 100mBar low pressure models
vacuum models range from -1Bar.. -100mBar
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17600G series all rounders

Pressure Transmitter models up to 600Bar
4x overpressure
Popular models available from our stock
Delivery on request: configure and make the model you need from data sheet.

18.605 G immersible sensors

Pressure Transmitter to use as level sensors. Immersible IP68.
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DCT 531 with Modbus RTU output

The DCT 531 with RS485 interface uses the communication protocol Modbus RTU which has found the way in industrial communication as an open protocol. The Modbus protocol is based on a master Slave architecture with which up to 247 Slaves can be questioned by a master – the data will transfer in binary form.
Due to the usage of high quality materials and components, the DCT 531 is suitable for almost every industrial application, if medium is compatible with stainless steel 316L.
The modular concept of the pressure transmitter allows customized electrical or mechanical connections, so it is easy to adapt the DCT 531 to different conditions on-site.

DCT 533 with IO-link output

Programmable sensor with IO-link output.


Pressure Transmitter
0-25Bar, 4x overpressure, 4-20mA 2-wire 8-32Vdc
1/2″G EN837
ISO 4400 connector
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DCMV series pressure switch

Pressure switch
SIL2, safety contacts
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XMPi industrial grade transmitter

nominal pressure: 0 ... 400 mbar up to 0 ... 600 bar
accuracy: 0,1 % FSO
turn-down 1:10
two chamber aluminium die cast case or stainless field housing
internal or flush welded diaphragm
IS-version: Ex ia = intrinsically safe version for gases and dusts

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DMP331P hygienical application

The pressure transmitter DMP 331P was designed for use in the food and pharmaceutical industry. The compact design with hygienic process connections makes it possible to achieve an outstanding performance in terms of accuracy, temperature behavior and long term stability.

nominal pressure: 0 ... 100 mbar up to 0 ... 40 bar
accuracy: 0.25 % / 0.35 % FSO
CIP / SIP cleaning up to 150 °C
vacuum resistant
hygenic version
diaphragm with low surface roughness

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DPT 200 differential pressure sensor

The differential pressure transmitter DPT 200 has been especially designed for the process industry and can be used for level measurement of closed, pressurized tanks, pump or filter controlling, etc.
The possibility passes different pressure seals at the DPT 200 adding with different membrane materials to reach an optimal adaptation to the application.

differential pressure von 1 mbar up to 20 bar
static pressure bis max. 400 bar
turn-down max. 100:1
accuracy: 0.075 % FSO
output signal: linear or square root extraction

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Differential pressure transmitter DMD 331

The DMD 331 is a differential pressure transmitter for industrial applications and is based on a piezoresistive stainless steel sensor, which can be pressurized on both sides with fluids or gases compatible with SST 1.4404 and 1.4435.
The compact design allows an integration of the DMD 331 in machines and applications with limited space. The DMD 331 calculates the difference between the pressure on the positive and the negative side and converts it into a proportional electrical signal.

differential pressure 0 ... 20 mbar up to 0 ... 16 bar
accuracy: 0.5 % FSO
2 piezoresistive stainless steel sensors
media separation through stainless steel 1.4435 diaphragm
differential pressure wet / wet
permissible static pressure -one sided- up to 30 times of differential pressure range
compact design
mechanical robust and relieable at dynamic pressure as well as shock and vibration

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LMP331 screw-in level transmitter

The screw-in transmitter LMP 331 has been designed for continuous level measurement and is characterized by an excellent performance and a robust construction. The modular construction allows the user the highest possible flexibility in the adaption of LMP 331.

Optional features like e.g. an intrinsically safe version or a functionally safe version (SIL 2) increase the advantages when launching and realizing projects for plants and systems.

nominal pressure: 0 ... 100 mbar up to 0 ... 40 bar
accuracy: 0,1 % / 0,25 % / 0.35 % FSO
small thermal effect
excellent long term stability
pressure port G 3/4" flush

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Level sensor LMP307
0-6m H2O
4-20mA 8-32Vdc
1/2″G EN837
ISO 4400 connector
Data sheet


Level sensor LMP307
0-6m H2O
0-10Vdc 14-30Vdc
1/2″G EN837
ISO 4400 connector
Data sheet

DM01 test and calibration equipment

The digital pressure gauge DM 01 is a precision device fulfilling highest demands. It was conceived especially for the process monitoring and calibration. The advantage: With the digital display DM 01, different pressure transmitters can be used for various measurement ranges.
The pressure transmitter can be selected and easily exchanged for the required pressure range on site – without tools or parameter setting.
Outstanding measuring qualities, an intuitive operation, as well as an innovative, modular sensor concept characterise the DM 01. The battery-powered digital pressure gauge can be used e.g. for controlling pressure courses or calibrating pressure transmitters.
The integrated data logger is able to record pressure and temperature values linearly and cyclically which can be analysed with software BD|LOG.

nominal pressure: 0 ... 100 mbar up to 0 ... 400 bar
accuracy: 0.05 % FSO BFSL (class 0.05)
modular sensor concept
graphics-capable display
background illumination
communication interface USB 2.0
stainless steel housing d = 100 mm
zero point calibration
data logger

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Industrial Pressure Transmitter
for Low Pressure
0-2.5Bar 4-20mA 8-32Vdc
1/2″G EN837
ISO 4400 connector
Data sheet


Industrial Pressure Transmitter
for Low Pressure
0-6Bar 4-20mA 8-32Vdc
1/2″G EN837
ISO 4400 connector
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Over pressure protector
AISI316, 1/2G
Data sheet


Cooling section G1/4“
Mounting accessories
Data sheet
Ident.nr. 6835015


Cooling section G1/2“
Mounting accessories
Data sheet
Ident.nr. 6835040