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A thermocouple is formed when two wires (so-called thermo wires), made of different metals or alloys, are welded together (hot junction). The free ends of the wires form a reference junction (cold junction).
If there is a temperature difference between the welded and the reference junctions, thermal electromotive force (voltage) will appear in the thermocouple.

SKS Thermocouples catalog

T-K / T-AKK Industrial Ceramic Thermocouples

T-K / T-AKK Immersible thermocouple sensor with ceramic well. Features: temperature range -200...+1800 °C. TC, class 1 as a standard. thermocouple with ceramic well, standard material C799/C610, others on request. Fixing with welded flanges, adjustable flange or gas tight compression fitting. Tailored solutions according to specific needs. ATEX-versions Ex i and Ex d available.


Heavy Duty Industrial Thermocouple T-A

T-A features: temperature range -200...+1200 °C
Pt100 or thermocouple (TC)
standard materials AISI 316L, heat-resistant steel (W 1.4749 etc.), others on request
available also with solid tip (length 200 mm)
Pt100, accuracy class A, as a standard, more ac- curate on request
TC, class 1 as a standard
replaceable MI-construction inner element
tailored solutions according to specific needs
ATEX-versions Ex i and Ex d available.


Thermocouple with IP67 Weatherproof Head

Thermocouples with IP67 head, for temperatures up to +1200C, with diameters from 3mm up to 10mm.


Thermocouples with cable

Thermocouple with cable see more TC catalogue

Thermocouple K typ, AISI310, max +1100ºC, cable max +110C
405082: 6x100mm
405083: 6x150mm
LM1KDG4050A30: 4x50mm, max+1100ºC, 3m metal fibre cable max +400ºC, Tehn.info

Thermocouple J typ, AISI310, max +800ºC, cable max +110C
405190: 6x150mm
405193: 6x300mm

Themowells, compression fittings, flanges, transmitters 4-20mA, 0-10V, Profibus, ATEX, etc.

Miniature thermocouples

Miniature thermocouple see TC website

Typ K, -10/400C, 2m kab.

Typ K, -75/250C, 5m kab.

Thermocouple transmitters

Thermocouple transmitters and sensors converting industrial process temperature signals to analog, bus or digital communication.PR Electronic transmitter catalogue
Low cost offer TEKON transmitters

TC, ATEX, 4-20mA 2 wire, head mount

Programmer for PR Electronic transmitters

Thermocouple Extension Cables

Thermocouple sensors must be wired with right kind of materials between hot and cold junctions, in order to avoid measurement deviation caused by thermo voltages in connections of different materials. Cable types used are extension wires (X) or compensating cables (C).

SKS Automaatio's stock items are silicon insulated compensating cables according to IEC 584, with maximum temperature +180 °C. The wire structure of one pair cables for J, K and S type TC sensors is 2 × 1,5 mm².

Stock items

Cable standards and colors for thermocouples

Thermocouple connectors

To make extension from thermocouple, you need to use thermocouple cable, and also thermocouple connectors. Full range of TC connectors in TC web page

724-102 Type K Miniature Socket
724-104 Type K Miniature Plug