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Temperature sensors Pt100


We offer wide choice of temperature sensors, to get the most suitable for technical task and costs.

EPIC® SENSORS temperature sensors web page  – 5 years warranty, industrial sensors for demanding tasks, high temperature, vibration, etc.
HANS TURCK range of temperature sensors – IO-link programmable, easy to use with M12 connector temperature sensors
EVIKON MCI range of temperature sensors – allrounders for light industry and cost saving tasks

Cable temperature probes

Cabled resistance temperature detector probes are designed for temperature measurement in liquids and gases. Applications include heating and cooling installations, building and industrial automation, labs.
Depending on the application needs, sensing elements of customer specified type (platinum RTD, PTC or NTC thermistors), nominal resistance, accuracy and operation range up to +500 °C can be chosen.

Surface temperature sensors ET241

Surface sensors is specially designed for accurate measurement of surface: it can be pipe, engine, other kind of surface you need to detect temperature.

ET241-PT100-S3   Pt100A, <200°C, silicone cable 3m
ET241-PT100-G3   Pt100A, <500°C, glassfiber cable 3m


Air temperature sensors Pt100

ALPA outdoors wall-mount, metal case, Pt100A, 4wire, IP65, -50/120C
ET711-PT100    indoors Pt100A, slotted case 76×76×27 mm, IP20, -20...+70°C
ET721-PT100    outdoors Pt100A, case 88×64×42 mm, IP56, -40...+85°C
ET731-PT100    duct-mount Pt100A, stem Ø6×L200, case 88×64×42, IP56, -40...+85°C
W-K-F outdoors ATEX-version, Ex i and Ex d, temperature range -40...+80 °C

Temperature sensors ET501

3 wire configuration, IP54, AISI316, Pt100A element meets IEC 60751, Operating range: -75ºC to +250ºC.

Standard models:
ET501-D6L80-...   stem Ø6×L80mm <250ºC
ET501-D6L130-...stem Ø6×L130mm <250ºC
ET501-D6L190-...stem Ø6×L190mm <250ºC
ET501-D6L290-...stem Ø6×L290mm <250ºC
ET501-D6L500-...stem Ø6×L500mm <250ºC
ET501-D6L1000-...stem Ø6×L1000mm <250ºC

Themowells, compression fittings, flanges
Transmitters, displays and controllers

Temperature sensors with head ET501S

Industrial temperature sensors WS501 with head are Pt100 class A element, 3wire, IP67 head with leveler, removable ceramic terminals and easy to configure for several data outputs via head-mount transmitters.

Standard models:


AISI316 head for chemicals, pharma
ATEX head for dust, gas environment
Compression fittings and flanges


Mineral insulated sensing insert with connection head ET505

3 wire configuration, IP 67, Pt100 element meets IEC 60751 Class A, Operating range: -75ºC/+600ºC.


Themowells, compression fittings, flanges, transmitters 4-20mA, 0-10V, Profibus, ATEX, etc.

Temperature sensors ET511, welded G1/2

ET511 series industrial style screw-in RTD assemblies with terminal head are designed for measuring temperatures in liquids and gases. The standard version includes Pt100 class B sensing element with measurement range -50...+250 °C, process connection with G1/2" thread and DIN B type terminal head.

ET511-D6E50-<250°C, Pt100A, DIN B head, stem Ø6×E50mm
ET511-D6E75-<250°C, Pt100A, DIN B head, stem Ø6×E75mm
ET511-D6E100-<250°C, Pt100A, DIN B head, stem Ø6×E100mm
ET511-D6E160-<250°C, Pt100A, DIN B head, stem Ø6×E160mm
ET511-D6E200-<250°C, Pt100A, DIN B head, stem Ø6×E200mm
ET511-D6E250-<250°C, Pt100A, DIN B head, stem Ø6×E250mm

W-D welded temperature sensors

Pt100A 4wire, with welded thermowell, replacable inner element
W-D-D1/O-DH-4-A-CB, welded thermowell D1, -75/+600C, Pt100A 4wire, IP67 head with leveler


Temperature probes series TP

The TP-series includes temperature probes in various lengths and diameters.
HANS TURCK temperature sensors web page

TP-203A-CF-H1141-L100 Ident. nr. 9910402
Pt100A, 4wire, vibration proof, 3x100mm, M12 male, range -50/+500degC, AISI316
Tehn. info

TP-206A-CF-H1141-L100 Ident. nr. 9910475
Pt100A, 4wire, vibration proof,6x100mm, M12 male, range -50/+500degC, AISI316

TP-206A-CF-H1141-L150 Ident. nr. 9910476
Pt100A, 4wire, vibration proof, 6x150mm, M12 male, range -50/+500degC, AISI316

TP-206A-CF-H1141-L350 Ident. nr. 9910609
Pt100A, 4wire, vibration proof, 6x350mm, M12 male, range -50/+500degC, AISI316

TP-206A-CF-H1141-L850 Ident. nr. 9910495
Pt100A, 4wire, vibration proof, 6x850mm, M12 male, range -50/+500degC, AISI316


Temperature sensors with display, analogue and switching output TS500

Housing is rotatable after plugging the process connection; Reading of adjusted values without tools; Recessed pushbutton and keylock for secure programming; Permanent display of temperature unit (°C, °F, K, Ohm); Temperature peak memory. IO-link configurable.
TS-500-LI2UPN8X-H1141, 4-20mA and 2xPNP/NPN outputs programmable, 10-30Vdc, M12 , -50/+500°C range, for probes TS-203/206


Compact probes with M12 plug TP-103A

Pt100 probe acc. to DIN EN 60751, Vibration an shock-resistant, Connectable to TS, TTM, IM34, BL20, BL67, Process connection G1/8" male thread, Electrical connection rotatable by 360°, 4-wire connection technology.
TP-103A-G1/8-H1141-L013, G1/8", L=13mm, M12 plug, -50/120C, 0.15 °C + 0.002 ∙|t|, 100Bar

TTM series miniature transmitter temperature probes

Accuracy ± 0.2 K
Protection class IP67
Stainless steel 1.4404 (AISI 316L)
Analog current output 4...20 mA (2-wire)
Adjustment range -210...+650 °C

Miniature sensors of the TTM series fit in the most confined spaces and measure temperatures precisely via the integrated processor and the Platinium class measuring element. Being only 25 mm longer and 1.5 mm wider than a standard M12 x 1 male, the fully encapsulated TTMs without processor provide an output signal of 4...20 mA in 2-wire technology. We also provide customized solutions on request.

TTM100C-206A-CF-LI6-H1140-L150 Ident. nr. 9910542
Miniature transmitter with integrated probe
Analog output 4…20 mA, Temperature range 0…+100°C, 6x150mm, M12 plug
Data sheet



Thermowells are the best protection for temperature sensor. It makes double safety and easy to change the temperature probe without stopping the process.

We offer thermowells with thread, and also solid metal thermowells with welding pieces.

Compression fittings

From stock

Use the thread you need to fix temperature sensors into the process. For high pressure applications available, too,


Temperature transmitter E2163

Universal input RTD, TC, output 4-20mA 2 wire, Mounting into standard DIN B terminal head. Data sheet E2163_DS_EN.
The sensor type, output scale, averaging time constant and other transmitter parameters can be easily configured using USB cable and the E2163 Configurator software. Download E2163 software