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Smart Profile Sensors – OX200


Simply intelligent checking and controlling

  • Compact 2D multi-tool profile measuring device for various profile analysis
  • Integrated high-performance measurement functions
  • Best-in-class usability and live analysis via web interface
  • Powerful profile sensor with freely available SDK (software development kit)

The smart profile sensors of the OX200 family allow efficient profile analysis with an almost unlimited operating range. The profile sensor OXP200 is optimized for integration into image processing systems. Thanks to the freely available SDK (software development kit), the sensor can be individually adjusted to every application.

With the multi-tool profile sensor OXM200, Baumer offers uniquely simple handling. Featuring an extensive set of integrated measurement functions, it supports efficient inline or offline tests without detailed image processing expertise.

Smart all-in-one multi-tool to quickly solve individual measurement tasks

Smart multi-tool

  • Integrated measurement functions (multi-tools) for extensive profile analysis
  • Linking of measurement tools for multifaceted analysis
  • Free configuration of up to 7 measurement values in the web browser
  • Position tracking of evaluation windows for checking varying positions of a measured part

Compact measuring instrument

  • Compact, light design with IP 65 housing and simple wiring for mounting on robot arm
  • No external illumination required
  • Thanks to Power-over-Ethernet (POE) functionality, the sensor can be used with a single cable

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