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Clear Glass Jar Detection for Food and Beverage Splash Zone

The food and beverage industry is continually challenged to maintain high quality products while ensuring consumer safety. To eliminate bacteria and the risk of food borne illness, equipment used to fill salsa jars must be washed down using pressurized water, high temperature fluids and aggressive chemicals. Upholding efficient manufacturing processes can be difficult with these stringent washdown and cleaning requirements.

Banner’s QM26 Washdown Photoelectric Sensor is rated to IP69K, making it ideal for high-pressure washdown environments. Its rugged, non-toxic 316L stainless steel housing allows for use in harsh 1500 psi and 80⁰C washdown environments. The sensor can withstand environmental temperature cycling from -30° C to 60°

With a sturdy, reliable housing, the QM26 is suited well for detecting clear glass jars in a salsa filling application. The QM26’s compatibility with food products greatly minimizes contamination risk, while its reliable sensing capabilities ensure the glass jars are placed correctly before being filled with salsa.

Sensors QMH26 – Hygienic Sensor

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