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Level switches and visualisation software

When harvesting time is closing up, it’s necessary to get electromechanical systems in perfect condition and install emergency level switches in plants and grain elevators, so all attention can be focused on the goods reception and storage of cereals.

Manufacturer UWT GmbH- expert in bulk good detection and offers level switches and interface measuring devices for all cereals. Great adviser in sensor choice is UWT 40 years experience and thousands of real examples of plants!


Product brochure “Grain Industry” gives possibility to choose solutions for machines and silos, for such a cereals:

  • rice;
  • oats;
  • wheat;
  • barley,
  • rape;
  • malt;
  • rye;
  • corn;
  • Legumes;
  • buckwheat;

Send your inquiry to info@willsensors.lv and note for what kind of cereals, mounting position and we will provide you with real life examples which are working for years.


Level switch and measuring sensor signals are possible to convert to user friendly interface- Nivotec visualisation system. It’s available 24/7 on your web-browser everywhere in the world!

This system provide with basic functions e.g. emergency level state, filling level state, actual level and volume (tonns) in storage and exporting silos. It’s possible to configure sensors remotely using Modbus, and read measurments and settings from sensors.



  • At-a-glance overview of current levels at the bakery;
  • Cost reduction through timely and optimised route planning;
  • More efficient administration;
  • Prevention of overfilling or emptying of the silos;
  • Ease of multiple connections (e.g. bakeries) via modular operations;
  • The system can be set up at one customer and can be easily reinstalled at another one;
  • Straightforward set up, no additional IT support is necessary;

More about Nivotec Here



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