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ET910 multipoint temperature measurement


ET910 multipoint temperature measurement cable is developed for reliable temperature measurement in grain silos during product long-term storage. The cables are installed vertically by suspension from silo ceiling or through the roof, by special fixing hooks or flanges. Cables up to 40m and 1…3 meter distance between sensors are possible.


ET910 temperature measurement cable is fully protected from water and dust and complies with ATEX requirements for Zone 20 and Zone 21 installations in grain silos.

Cable specification: Here

The addressable μLAN switch manages communication and power between the main branch and sub-branches of digital 1-wire μLAN sensor network.


E3103 is fully encapsulated into white epoxy compound and has three M12 industrial IP68 rated connectors.

Specification: Here

E7708 controller operates as 1-wire master device, performing μLAN network analysis and regularly polling for data from 1-wire sensors from multiple sub-networks without conflict.E7708 acts also as RS485 Modbus RTU slave device, storing and providing measurement data for an automation system.


Specification: Here 

Aswell Evikon offers user friendly interface with SCADA for local and WEB based network, so cusotomers can check it anywhere from PC or mobile. Historical readings and generating monthly reviews.


Overview of the system: Here


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