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Ultrasonic level measuring


For continuous non-contact level measurement of liquids and bulk-solid materials

Main advantages:

  • Outstanding contrast OLED display
  • Quick view measured values on the display
  • Advanced intelligent signal processing
  • Mapping of false reflections
  • Easy adjustment without measured material
  • Current output (4 … 20 mA), HART®, RS-485 Modbus/RTU
  • Xi version for usage in explosive areas

ULM-70 possible to order with 4 different ranges- 0,15-2m/0,25-6m/0,4-10m/0,5-20m

Resolution from 1mm to  2,5mm depending of FSO

Beamwidth 10°-14° depending on model

Three different levels of sensitivity

Process connection types :

  • Thread G 1”
  • Thread G 1½”
  • Thread G 2¼”
  • Aluminium alloy flange DN100

Quick view Matrix OLED display for easy parameter setup and clone.








These series ultrasonic sensors can be installed in tanks with mixer blades, ladder and other obstacles, so SMART TEACH function can be used to erase false echos.

Sensors also can be mounted in pipe elbow 90°, or against reflection plate.








Sensors in our stock: See here


User manual

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