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Cветовые завесы безопасность


The switching light curtains from Leuze electronic are able to monitor a large measurement field and respond if sensor beams in the field are interrupted. Various resolutions and measurement field lengths enable reliable use in a variety of applications.


SX5 Безопасность персонала лазерный сканер

Intuitive safety guard

• Maximum ranges for Safety Zone is 5.5 m and Warning Zone is 40 m
• 275 degrees of coverage makes it easy to mount on a corner
• Dynamic Muting available and selectable detection capability for vertical applications
• Configurable for up to 6 zone sets
• Light Immune and dust resistant

Communication between a PC and the SX5 via an Ethernet network. The SX5 is preprogrammed at the factory with a default configuration but must be reconfigured for each application.
• Administrative data: example file name, application description etc.
• Safety-relevant data: startup process information
• Safety Zone or Warning Zone configuration data: contours and limits


Safety light curtain receiver + transmitter
Resolution 30mm, Hand protection
Safety class 4, IEC/EN 61496; SIL 4, IEC 61508
2xPNP, safety output OSSD
Connector M12
Техническое описание


Multiple light beam safety device receiver + transmitter
Beam spacing 300mm,
Safety class 4, IEC/EN 61496; SIL 3, IEC 61508
2xPNP, safety output OSSD
Connector M12
Техническое описание